Philip Curnow Photography provides a professional, qualified, experienced and fully insured Commercial, Advertising, PR and Sports Photography service. Mainly to corporate clients - including Educational, Governmental, Sports Organisers & Sponsors and NGO organisations.    If you have a project in mind, we are always happy to talk it through and provide a specific quote.  We shoot for some of the major UK design and Photography agencies, as well as directly for individual clients.  Our main photographer is Philip Curnow. Philip describes himself as:  a Photographic Artist, Photographer,  Designer ( and Problem-solver for clients !)


Qualifications: Philip has studied on both the BA(Hons) and MA Photography courses at Newport with the University of Wales. He has also worked as a student mentor at the University in Newport’s Art Media and Design School and sometimes lecturer, researcher and tutor on photography at college level and above, so very up to date and in touch with the full range of current photographic processes and practices - but for large projects, we also work in conjunction with other established and experienced photographers of similar skill levels.


Philip is also an accredited Photo-Journalist and holds qualifications in Financial, Management and Business services from the  Chartered Insurance Institute and Chartered Institute of Banking as an “Independent Financial Adviser”, working mainly in the UK and Middle East. - He started his working life in Fashion Manufacturing, following studies at Cordwainers College (now part of the London School of Fashion).  Following a love of photography since the age of 8, he changed full-time careers to dedicate his time to photography in the early 2000's.


Our ethos is to work WITH clients in order to help them achieve their image and publicity requirements, using our photography skills and experience. Good advertising and publicity photography is not a simple case of pointing a camera and clicking a button, it requires an understanding of psychology, marketing and branding, as well as how to balance light, shade, dark and colour.   It is often said that a picture says a thousand words - and in many cases, that can be true.   What can often be overlooked is the sad fact that a picture can say a thousand positive words about your organisation - but it can just as easily say a thousand very negative words if the image you use to promote your ideas is unfocussed, has dark shadows in the wrong place, has prominent closed doors / gates / folded arms - or a myriad of other potential disasters that can be overlooked in a quick snap taken for amusement - but could spell disaster if used as the public face of your organisation towards the rest of the world.


Ideally, we like to talk through any needs you have and the potential photo-shoot before we even start the photographic process - so - if you are looking for professional photography, please talk through your ideas with us, what outcomes you need, what sort of budget you have and anything else that could influence the process and we will help you move from start to finish throughout the process.


As noted, our main output is targeted at the commercial, corporate, governmental, sports and educational sectors.  For various reasons, we have chosen NOT to photograph in the Boudoir / Soft-porn arena - so please don’t ask us to shoot those sort of images.


Philip Curnow Photography provides an affordable and professional photographic service in all of mainland UK.

Contact us via our “Contact Page”, or telephone us on: 01686 688235.

Philip shoots a wide range of genres including Architecture, Documentary, Event, Portrait, Stilllife, Sport, Watersport, Food, Industry/Transport and Landscape photography.

We are often asked to cover News Coverage,  Public Relations  and  we also provide Property Photography for both Residential and Commercial (Office, Retail and Industrial) Buildings.

Photographic Studio facilities are available, as well as Mobile Studio Services being available for use at the clients premises or on location with or without mains power.


Philip has a wide range of archival images which are available to licence