National Union of Journalists.  I fully support their campaign to protect photographer’s rights and prevent official censorship of information available to the public, while also upholding professionalism amongst  photographers and journalists Dance Spirit Dresses.  If you loved Riverdance and enjoy Celtic Music, then you may also be involved with “Celtic Dance” and need clothing, shoes and other items.  Go and look at this site and they can probably help you find something within your budget.

I recently finished my time as a “Student Mentor” in Caerleon with the University of Wales, Newport.   Have a look at the courses and qualifications available for Photographers, Film Makers, Video Producers and other Arts Professionals.  

“The Manor” department store.  A family owned  and run Furniture, Furnishings, Gift and Toy Store, located in the very Heart of Wales and delivering Nationwide. South and Mid Powys Archery Association. The County Archery Association

Fedw Farm, Farmhouse holidays.  A wonderful old farm house offering comfortable Bed

and Breakfast on a working hill farm in Mid Wales.

If the current state of the world is stressing you out - or just the state of your own World, then a friend of mine is a very helpful psychoanalyst.  She operates in  the UK, Cyprus  and Greece.  For more information, click in this area. Links - just click and follow : Buying or selling a house ?  Take a look at this website and see if they can save you the cost of part of your legal fees Are you looking to invest in a quality, fine-art oil painting ?  If so, take a look at the work of this  classically-trained artist, who is currently painting in France, and also represented in London and New York by both Saatchi and Art Gallery.